Benefits From Hiring a Cleaning and Janitorial Service

The Benefits From Hiring a Cleaning and Janitorial Service come to focus in workers productivity and client satisfaction. Anyone who owns or manages any type of property – business, multiple unit housing, or other non-residential buildings such as retail stores and manufacturing floors – has faced keeping that property functional and in good condition. Tending to tenant and municipal needs and requirements, seeing to repairs, and keeping accounts straight is often a full time job, leaving little time for other related tasks. Many property owners rely on Cleaning Companies or Janitoril Services to literally handle the ‘dirty work’ for more than just the obvious benefits. Before contracting with such a service, it is important to understand what should be expected from janitorial services.

General Janitorial Services

There will always be property owners who think that hiring a service to handle required cleaning and property maintenance is an unnecessary expense, which just isn’t true. The truth is more likely that those who plan to perform such duties as well as all the other things that are a part of property management either put off the work to a later time or do not do a very good job. This is counter-productive because cleaning must be done daily to keep any property looking, smelling and feeling clean.

The basic services offered by most Janitorial Services span from trash collection around the facility to spot and carpet cleaning – and everything in between. Many of the jobs are simple; however, a janitorial service can do the work and usually do it better than an employee or building manager. Cleaning and supplying bathrooms, kitchens, and common areas as well as keeping trash collected, floors cleaned and carpets vacuumed becomes quite essential if days go by without such work being done. A Five Star Cleaning Service like Impeccable Cleaning has the experience to have the right cleaning materials and tools at their fingertips, while efficiently mastering the job.

Additional Cleaning Services

We also do the more specialized cleaning and maintenance as, such as: waterfront outdoor/corridor window and railing washing, floor stripping and polishing, cleaning of air conditioner units and HVAC systems, and more.

We are neither trained, nor specialized in cleaning up more extreme situations such as crime scenes, building disasters, and medical facilities.

Benefits From Hiring a Janitorial Service

Typically the main benefit that is gained from hiring us to do the work is the assurance that the work gets done properly and on time.

We are a Five Star Operation because:

• over the 20 plus years we are in business, we have proven to have the best problem-solving skills and work ethics.

• we operate the right equipment for your job with the best cleaning supplies available in the business

• we carry the proper indemnity insurance policies against breakage or other losses.

• our flexibility allows for best timing procedure whether that involves evening and/or overnight, weekends, holidays. You decide which is the best time to work without interrupting workers with noise, chemical smells, or simply just being there.

Impeccable Cleaning LLC: a great tool to help manage commercial or rental properties, get your new or renovated store or plant ready for openings day.

The Benefits From Hiring a Cleaning and Janitorial Service come to focus in workers productivity and client satisfaction.

The Portrayal of the Janitor

the janitor's social stigmaImpeccable Cleaning in the Florida Panhandle is not your classic janitor. Once upon a time (not too long ago), the portrayal of a janitor was biased, often as a figure of ridicule, danger or pity, he became a negatively stereotypical blue collar character in popular culture, many times denoting ignorance, laziness, failure, exploitation or even perversion.  Featured widely in film and television, he was portrayed in the same realm of evil as the butler. In real life this is of course not the case, but Hollywood in the 20th century liked to project the Butler and the Janitor as wicked and dangerous, probably as a result of historic Victorian Fear projection.

To support this statement please watch the trailer for the 2007 Demi Moore, Michael Cain Movie “Flawless”.

Yet, even when it comes to the janitors listed below, not all of them share these traits. The list in order of first appearance in movies.

Movie Janitors

In recent years the janitor has slowly been lifted to a position of guarded prominence as a benevolent character with deep wisdom of life, such as in the movie “Pride” where Bernie Mac plays the grouchy but caring janitor Elston.

In the background of all these “social” stigmas, the profession of janitor has developed however into a solid, science based service, much in demand by smart corporations who value productivity and professional services to keep their work- and client environment pristine.